Ga: Culture


They live along the coast of Ghana around the capital city Accra, towards the Togo border, as well as in the hills and mountains north of the Coast.


Ga Priests are servants of the Gods and interrupter of the will of the gods to the people.

National cult is Kple. One of their Gods. Music history can be derived from Kple songs.


The are many festivals throughout the year the most famous of which is ‘Homowo’  The story comes from the history of the Gas’ migration to Ghana. The Ga migration to the West Coast of Africa was a long one.  Along the way they experienced much famine and suffering, but because they helped each other, they survived. Later, when their harvests were bountiful, they held a feast at which they mocked and jeered at hunger and the hard times that had plagued them.

Traditional Power:

The smallest social unit is the home – ‘we’. The biggest social unit is the ‘Kasi’ – the male line. The political head of the ‘Kasi’ is the ‘asafoatse’ –the sub cheif. They were traditionally a theocracy, their only leaders being priests assisted by the elders. The present chieftaincy system of rule being borrowed from the Akan model


Within their music they have also taken in the external influence of both the Akans and the Ewes.  Using the Akan and Ewe drums and music as their own. Cult music  Kple, Kpa and Apon. Recreational Music   Sonte, Oge, Gome, Kolomashie, Konkoma and Kpanlogo.


Dangbe and Ga


They were farmers, fishermen, salt miners, blacksmiths, potters, weavers, bead makers and hunters and hunters. All these professions are still found but being around the developing capital, commerce has taken over a major aspect of there economic ventures.

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