Maintenance: Drums

Tuning a Peg Drum

If the drum is new you should be able to gently tap the pegs in with a mallet.

Djembe Rope

Traditionally rope has been made from, animal skin, and other natural fibres.


All musical instruments should be kept in a dry room away from any direct heat – sun light / radiators.

Marks to shell

A little sandpaper and teak oil makes most drums sparkle.

Cracks to shell

Do not worry about a crack. A well glued crack, with a good wood glue should be as good as new.

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  1. Hi Ben
    I know you busy l wondering if you have any cow skins for a djembe drum to be repair just say when l can vist when possible, l am bristol tomorrow if you on your tour l ovetstand bless kulchalee

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