Tora is among the oldest of the Dagomba drum stories. There came a time when a chief died having produced no sons, and they were forced to make a woman Yaa-naa. Another man who wanted the chieftaincy scared her out of the palace one night, forcing them to choose a new chief, and in accordance with his plan they chose him. The story of Tora is about the tragedy and misfortune that befell the man who violated tradition by scaring the Yaa-naa out of the palace to get the chieftaincy for himself.

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  1. Please with all due respect, this “story” about the Tora dance you’ve published is False.
    This is not how Tora came to being.
    Let me give you a gist… make research on Naa Yenzo (One of the Yaa Naa’s of Dagbaŋ Kingdom), it was his regime that Tora was invented by his wives.
    Thank you.

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