The Goumbe, a Kpanlogo shell with Djembe Tuning, the Ghanaian Conga.

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The Goumbe has come out of Ghana in the last 15 years. After working with Louis Kojo Botchway for a number of years he was concerned about the number of Kpanlogo drum shell s that were thrown away as they were to week to have holes drilled into them for the pegs. He started to use the Djembe stringing on them, and called them Goumbes, a hand bass drum he new from Southern Senegal. A similar time others were making them in Ghana calling them ‘Loljam’ and Kpalogodjembe’. They sound different to the kpanlogos’, using cow skin, and the rope tuning gives them a deep bass and melow or high tone, depending on their tuning.

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